Tom Brady is a free man

You know who won’t be sitting at home next Sunday watching NFL Redzone like a civilized man? Tom Brady that’s who. The four-time Super Bowl Champion got a fancy New York City federal judge to throw out NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s four-game suspension. U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman said Goodell’s four-game suspension of Brady went too far, accusing Goodell of “his own brand of industrial justice.”

Newmans-Own-Salad-DressingI don’t know what industrial justice is, but since it’s coming from a judge, it’s probably not good. Or maybe Goodell’s problem was not that he engaged in industrial justice, but that he had his own brand of industrial justice, kind of like how Paul Newman had his own brand of salad dressing. The difference being that one tastes good poured all over a salad, and the other doesn’t.

This ruling makes me feel somewhat conflicted. I don’t like the New England Patriots. I think they cheated by underinflating footballs. I think their motive was to make the footballs easier to handle and easier to catch. I also think Tom Brady knew all about it. How could he not? He was gripping the footballs each play. On the other hand, I think Roger Goodell is an incompetent buffoon.

Seriously, why is this man still employed as the commissioner of a professional sports league?

How Much Does Roger Goodell Make?

Because the NFL is no longer a tax-exempt group, nobody outside the organization knows how much Goodell makes each year. Before the NFL voluntarily dropped their tax-exempt status, Goodell’s salary was a matter of public record. In 2012, we know he made $44 million.

That’s a lot of money to pay someone who is so inept at their job and that thousands of other people could do better. Sometimes people make an ungodly amount of money because they possess skills and abilities that make them remarkable and unique.

Roger Goodell is not one of those people.

Where Does This Leave Tom Brady?

Tom Brady will be fine. Nobody cares about cheating in football, especially Patriots fans. That’s probably why the Patriots are dedicated to bending the rules. As an organization, they know the public just doesn’t care about cheating in football. Brady’s legacy is fine. Personally, I thought the Patriots and Brady would have been better off with taking the first four games off. Show me a team with a 38-year-old starting quarterback and I’ll show you a quarterback who could benefit from playing only a 12-game regular schedule season.

Tom Brady has four Super Bowl rings, so maybe he knows more than I do.

I feel sorry for Robert Griffin III

No doubt about it, Robert Griffin III has had a bad couple of weeks. First, his best friend and fellow Subway sandwich pitchman Jared Fogle got into trouble with federal authorities for possessing child pornography. Then, Griffin got beat-up by the front seven of the Detroit Lions in a meaningless pre-season game, which may or may not have resulted in a concussion to Griffin’s brain. Then, it was announced on Monday that Kirk Cousins would be the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins.

I feel sorry for Griffin because he has nobody to talk to.

He was good friends with Redskins owner Dan Snyder, but something tells me that friendship is running on fumes. If I were Griffin, I wouldn’t be expecting any more invitations to dinner at the Snyder mansion. The only plus side to this is the Snyder mansion is a pain to get to. It’s located in Moria, underneath the Misty Mountains. Because of DC beltway traffic, the journey can be difficult, and depending on the concentration of orcs, dangerous.

In the past, anytime Griffin needed to talk to someone, he’d call up his best friend Jared, and they’d split a delicious, low-fat Subway footlong sandwich. They’d talk about whatever was bothering Griffin. Being the best friends that they are, this would always help Griffin get through whatever obstacle he was facing. Now, because of Jared’s legal problems, it doesn’t look like he’ll be splitting a footlong with anyone anytime soon.

At least not in the conventional sense.

Griffin can’t even turn to his other best friend, Kirk Cousins. It’s clear Cousins stabbed Griffin in the back by working hard and becoming a better quarterback than Griffin. In respect to Robert Griffin III, Cousins should have worked hard at not improving. With friends like Kirk Cousins, Griffin doesn’t need enemies.

Redskins bench Robert Griffin III, name Kirk Cousins starter

It’s been a bad couple of months for Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. First, the world finds out that fellow Subway Sandwiches pitchman Jared Fogle is a child porn loving pedophile. Then, Griffin’s signature shoe from Adidas started showing up on the shelves at discount outlets like Ross and Marshall’s. Now, Kirk Cousins has been named the starting quarterback for the 2015 season. Griffin, the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner, and the second overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft will be either Cousins’ back-up, or more likely, Cousins’ back-up’ back-up.

The Roman numeral three on the back of Griffin’s jersey may just end up serving the dual purpose of identifying his pecking order on the depth chart, as in third-string.

That’s if he doesn’t get cut or traded, not that I can imagine a scenario where another team would trade for Robert Griffin III.

Griffin will earn make $3,269,877 from the Redskins this season. Since that’s guaranteed, the Redskins will be paying him that much whether he’s with the team or not. Plus, his total salary represents $6,719,713 towards this season’s salary cap. That takes into account his base salary and his initial signing bonus of $13,799,344 spread out over four years. When an NFL team cuts a player, the remaining portion of his signing bonus is applied in full against the cap. This is not a factor with Griffin. Since this is the final year under contract, there are no more remaining years to apply to the cap.

Should the Redskins just cut Griffin? Yes. He’s not worth a roster spot. NFL teams are allowed only 53 players on the active roster. Keep Griffin on the team, and that’s one less player that could help the team win games.

Redskins bench Robert Griffin III, name Kirk Cousins starter - Bent CornerIf the Redskins need someone to sit on the bench and pout, there’s no reason they need to waste a roster spot for it. They could just hire a 14-year-old girl, assign her a place on the bench, and take away her cell phone. Don’t let a teenage girl tweet or post crap on Facebook, she’ll act very much like Robert Griffin III sitting on the bench.

Hypothetically, she would provide the same value as Griffin, but she wouldn’t waste a roster spot.

The Redskins should just cut Griffin. Even if they don’t mind burning a roster spot on a player who won’t be positively contributing this season, having him stick around creates a problem for Kirk Cousins. At best, Cousins is an average quarterback in the NFL. There’s nothing wrong with being average. It’s just that there will be times when Cousins is going to fail. Keep Griffin on the team and I guarantee you eyes will turn to Griffin sulking sitting on the bench.

I’m not sure how that helps anyone.

The Redskins should just cut Griffin and allow him to go sign with the Oakland Raiders. That’s where first-round draft busts go when they’re cut. They go to Oakland and play on dirt.