Chris Davis bunts


Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis responded to the Boston Red Sox defensive shift last night by bunting to the third base side, earning him a hit. The Red Sox were totally unprepared for the bunt. With the third baseman standing next to second base, the pitcher, Rick Porcello, and the catcher, Blake Swihart, both… { Continue Reading }

Orioles have a 5-game losing streak

The Birds!

The Baltimore Orioles, last year’s American League East Division Champions, are now six games under .500 and have lost their last five games. Most of the O’s current woes can be contributed to their hitting or lack thereof. Since the second inning of Tuesday’s 2-1 loss to the Houston Astros, they’ve scored just a single run… { Continue Reading }

Orioles Brian Matusz caught cheating


Baltimore Orioles pitcher Brian Matusz was caught cheating last night in the 12th inning against the Miami Marlins. Marlins manager Dan Jennings informed home plate umpire Jordan Baker that Matusz seemed to be touching his right forearm before each pitch. Baker then, along with crew chief Paul Emmel, went to the mound to check things out. What they… { Continue Reading }

Notre Dame, Kansas still paying Charlie Weis


Remember Charlie Weis? Big dopy fat guy who used to coach football at Notre Dame and then Kansas? Even though he was fired by both educational institutions, he’s still getting a paycheck from both schools. ESPN, the self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports, is reporting that Weis has raked in nearly $15 million from Notre Dame… { Continue Reading }

Jets fans buy billboards to mock Tom Brady


New York Jets fans bought 12 billboards up and down the New Jersey turnpike to poke fun at Tom Brady, disgraced cheater and quarterback for the New England Patriots. Jets fans don’t care for the Patriots. Mostly it’s because they play in the same division, but it’s also because the last time the Patriots were caught… { Continue Reading }