Marvel Collector Corps charges your credit card when they feel like it


Marvel Collector Corps, the Loot Crate copycat run by Funko, maker of licensed pop culture collectibles, has a lot of problems. I joined their program last April and my first box was shipped to me later that same month. On June 11, I received an email telling me the June box, themed after the upcoming… { Continue Reading }

Thinking of joining Marvel Collector Corps? Don’t do it

Thinking of joining Marvel Collector Corps? Don't do it

Marvel Collector Corp, a bi-monthly subscription based collector’s box service started up last April. It’s like Loot Crate, but it features only stuff associated with Marvel Comics and it’s run by Funko, the maker of licenced pop culture collectables. It also costs more than Loot Crate. Marvel Collector Corp ships every other month and costs… { Continue Reading }

Do not buy monthly comic books


Evidently DC Comics will begin to embed ads into the same pages the stories appear in at least some of their monthly comics. Chris Burnham, artist for Batman Incorporated, tweeted the above photo taken from an upcoming issue. It shows an ad for Twix embedded in a page containing story content. Burnham seems to have… { Continue Reading }

The May 2015 Loot Crate is terrible


I received my May 2015 Loot Crate box yesterday and I can’t believe how terribly underwhelming it was. Of all the Loot Crate boxes I’ve received, this one has got to be the most disappointing. This is what the box contained: An exclusive variant cover comic book of Bravest Warriors #1 from Boom! Studios. It… { Continue Reading }