Wizard World acquires Pittsburgh Comic Con


Wizard World has acquired Pittsburgh Comic Con, the annual comic book convention held in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. This means that if you attend the Pittsburgh Comic Con, you won't be financially supporting a man who was (twice) convicted of murdering his wife. Michael and Renée George, owners ...

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ComicsPRO board member accused of stealing


ComicsPRO, a non-profit trade association for comic book retailers, announced on Facebook that it was investigating one of its former board members for misuse or misappropriation of corporate funds. The Facebook post didn't identify the former board member by name, but in a statement emailed to ...

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Suicide Squad movie announced

Suicide Squad, a comic book about a group of incarcerated supervillains working on behalf of the United States government, performing high-risk black ops missions, will be turned into a movie scheduled for August 5, 2016. The movie already has some big names attached to it. David Ayer will be ...

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New York Comic Con is now bigger than San Diego Comic-Con


The New York Comic Con was held this past weekend, and thanks to Thursday now being a full-day, they were able to sell tickets to 151,000 unique individuals. This makes the New York Comic Con the largest, most attended comic convention in all of North America. The San Diego Comic-Con is now the ...

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