How to hang baseball hats on the wall


I’ve been looking for a good way of displaying baseball hats on the wall. I’ve tried to put nails along near where the wall meets the ceiling, but I didn’t like how it looked. Mainly, I didn’t like how you couldn’t really see the front of the hat. I’ve thought about putting in a special […]

Chandelier made from paperclips and cardboard drink carriers

Check out this neat looking chandelier made with metal spring paperclips and those disposable pulpy cardboard things they give you at fast food joints to carry up to four cups at once.  I found it over at the Apartment Therapy Re-Nest blog.   They said it’s made with egg cartons, but to me it looks […]

Concrete light bulb wall hook

Do you have some extra light bulbs and some Quikrete Mortar mix sitting around the house? If so, you might want to think about making one of these.  It’s a concrete light bulb wall hook.  Drive it into a wall stud and you will have a sturdy hook to hang a heavy coat from.  Plus, […]

Cool homemade air conditioner

I think I first saw this over on Make. It’s a homemade air conditioner. The bucket is filled with ice water and the small electric fan moves air through an aluminum channel running through the bucket, sealed with silicone. Make sure to check out Franco’s blog Assorted Tips for more photos along with step by […]