Buy my copy of ‘The Walking Dead’ #19 on eBay

Seeing some of the prices issue #19 of The Walking Dead has been generating on the eBay, I thought it was about time I post it for auction too. It’s been so long since I’ve posted something on eBay, I almost forgot how to do it.

My issue is a little different in that it was signed by Robert Kirkman, writer and created of The Walking Dead. I personally got the issue signed at the 2005 Baltimore Comicon. It’s hard to believe that was nearly seven years ago.

Seven years used to be a really long time. Getting this comic signed by Kirkman doesn’t seem that long ago.

The issue is kind of a big deal as it features the very first appearance of Michonne.

If you’re interested in buying this comic from me, get yourself over to the eBay and place a bid.

eBay item 120892010376

UPDATE: My copy of The Walking Dead #19 sold last night for a whopping $234.50. Not bad for a funny book I paid less than $3 for in 2005. I guess I need to go through my collection and see if any of the other The Walking Dead back issues are worth the effort to put on eBay.

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