Who knew Ben Affleck had so many haters?

With word that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in the sequel to Zack Snyder’s Superman movie, Man of Steel, people all over the Internet began weighing in with their opinion on the matter. Most people took to Twitter to voice their opinions and a lot of them were quite negative in their postings.

For example, Wil Wheaton:

Defining Affleck as the actor from Daredevil and Gigli is something Tim Marchman would do.

Personally, I rather enjoyed Daredevil. I must not be alone because the movie made over $179 million worldwide. I never saw Gigli, but I could tell it wasn’t a movie for me. That said, why even mention Gigli when there are more recent and pertinent movies to reference? For instance, Argo or The Town, two movies met with extremely high critical praise? Argo won the Oscar for Best Picture. Affleck not only played the lead role in both films, he directed and wrote them.

That fact alone should tell you that if you see Affleck in a movie and you don’t like his performance, blame the director. When Affleck directs himself, the results are outstanding.

Wheaton played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek:The Next Generation. If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about unjustified Internet hate, it’s Wheaton. He was a constant target of haters on Usenet back in the 90’s. Acting wise, he hasn’t really done much since leaving ST:TNG unless you count playing himself on the hit TV show Big Bang Theory. He more known today for his Internet writings. He’s a very talented writer.

It bothers me that Wheaton would line up with the rest of the haters and hate on Affleck just because he agreed to play the part of Batman. I think Wheaton got a raw deal from many obnoxious Trek fans back in the 90’s. At least the obnoxious Trek fans waited for him to actually play Wesley Crusher because they hated on him in the (somewhat) public forum of Usenet.

Before anyone criticizes Ben Affleck as Batman, we owe it to him to actually let him play Batman before we hate his performance.

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