The disgraceful transmisogyny of Firedorn Ligthbringer knows no bounds

Obsidian Entertainment, maker of video role-playing games, is under fire by the Twitter and Tumblr social elite over a limerick found in the game Pillars of Eternity.It involves the tombstone of Firedorn Ligthbringer, a non-player character who after mistakenly having sexual relations with a another man, jumped off a cliff and killed himself.

Here is a screenshot:


Evidently when you mistakenly have sex with a man you thought was a woman and then react by jumping off a cliff to your death, your guilty of transmisogyny.

The game was crowd-funded and if you paid $500, you could write an epitaph on a tombstone. The idea was that backers could use the game to memorialize real people, lost friends or family members, but evidently some backers had different ideas. The limerick wasn’t written by the game’s developers, but by someone who paid a lot of money on Kickstarter.

I’ll be perfectly honest and admit that I had never heard of transmisogyny until reading about this terrible incident on Twitter, but considering that the word has its own Wikipedia entry, it must be real.

Now that I’ve educated myself about transmisogyny, and by that I mean a skimmed the article on Wikipedia, I only wish Firedorn Ligthbringer were still alive and he wasn’t a fictional character so he could be charged with a hate crime. That, or he could be forced to read all the nasty things people are saying about him on Twitter and Tumblr.

As Twitter user Erika Imperial pointed out on Twitter, transmisogyny is not acceptable in today’s world, or I assume the make-believe fantasy world in which Pillars of Eternity takes place.

Global Gateway e4 is now Payeezy Gateway

First Data’s Global Gateway e4 e-commerce platform is now called Payeezy Gateway. It’s the same great gateway, it just has a great new name.

Why the name change? That’s above my pay grade, but I can tell you that before the name change, First Data had two similarly sounding e-commerce gateways, First Data Global Gateway and First Data Global Gateway e4. This fact understandably lead to some unnecessary confusion for everyone. A merchant would secure an e-commerce account with their merchant services bank only to find out it was the wrong gateway for their specific shopping cart.

Very few shopping carts are compatible with both gateways. The only one I can think of off the top of my head that is compatible with both is the First Data Payment Gateway module for WooCommerce. This is just one of the many reasons in my personal opinion, WooCommerce is the best shopping cart on the market.

This isn’t the first time First Data has changed the name of one of its e-commerce gateways. First Data Global Gateway was formally known as Linkpoint. Then, its name was changed again to Yourpay. When Global Gateway e4 first came out, some people began to refer to First Data Global Gateway as Legacy Gateway. This was never its official name, but some people still refer to it as that today.

payeezyAlong with the name change, Payeezy now has a spiffy looking logo. It never had a logo before, something that always kind of bothered me. I’m of the mindset that every great e-commerce gateway needs a logo.

I guess I’m just old fashioned that way.

The self-appointed art censors have struck again

Lionhead Studios, the studio responsible for the popular Fable game series, came under fire for an image they posted to Twitter. It’s art taken from the Fable video game franchise and shows an ample-breasted woman holding a tray of what looks to be mugs of oatmeal. The words “The Foaming Jugs” appear at the top of the artwork. Evidently this is a tavern in the game.

The image was posted in honor of #NationalCleavageDay, which according to Wikipedia, is a real thing.

This is what they posted to Twitter:


They later removed it from Twitter and then issued a Twitter apology.

The obnoxious, self-appointed art censors from their ivory towers on Twitter and Tumblr, have struck again. They’ve once again successfully gotten a piece of art removed because they did not like it.

They were successful in getting a variant cover for an upcoming issue of Batgirl canceled because they didn’t like it and didn’t want anyone to be able to buy it, and now they’ve got a company to remove art and apologize for that art simply because they did not like it.

When I come across art I don’t like, which coincidentally enough, very much includes the above image, it doesn’t even occur to me to try to get it removed. Mostly because I’m not rude or obnoxious and I very much realize not everything is created for me or my specific artistic tastes.

People should be free to create and share art they enjoy without censorship from the self-appointed art police.

Google to rank websites on mobile-friendliness

Google has announced that beginning April 21, they will be using a website’s mobile-friendliness as a ranking criteria. This means if your website is not configured properly for viewing on mobile devices, they will rank it lower in search results.

If you care about your Google ranking, you will need to make sure your website is viewable on mobile devices.

Google has a spiffy tool for assisting website owners who want to test their site for mobile-friendliness.

Google to rank websites on mobile-friendliness > Bent CornerI checked Bent Corner and it passed with flying colors. I’m running the default WordPress Twenty Fifteen, so this result didn’t really surprise me. The plain old default WordPress theme that now comes with WordPress is better than most of the so-called “premium” themes and theme frameworks.

I find it weird that Google didn’t roll this out much sooner. Considering how many people access the Internet on mobile devices, Google should have factored mobile-friendliness a long time ago. Also, if a website isn’t structured properly for mobile devices, it probably has other formatting problems going on with it too.

Photo: Marsel van Oosten

Valve receives an “F” from the Better Business Bureau

Valve Corporation, maker of video games and the popular Steam digital distribution service, received an “F” from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The BBB isn’t a government organization, but a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing marketplace trust, or something like that.

lEssentially, people complain to the BBB about businesses and based on all sorts of criteria, they take the appropriate  action. This action may  include a sternly written letter to the offending business or in the case of Valve, assigning the business a letter grade.

Why did Valve get an “F” from the BBB? According to the BBB, they got a failing grade because of the following reasons:

  • 748 complaint(s) filed against business
  • Failure to respond to 537 complaint(s) filed against business
  • 17 complaint(s) filed against business that were not resolved
  • Business has failed to resolve underlying cause(s) of a pattern of complaints

Also a contributing factor to this failing grade I’m sure, but not listed as a bullet point, is that Valve is not a member of the BBB. My guess is that if Valve were a paying member to the BBB, the grade would be vastly different.

I guess this means Valve will now have to go to summer school, which really sucks for Valve, because I heard it was planning on doing some really cool things this summer, including a station wagon trip to Yosemite with the family.