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Comcast changed customer’s name to ‘Asshole’


What's going on with Comcast? The behemoth cable provider is routinely voted the worst company in America for customer service. Now they've been caught changing a customer's first name from Ricardo to "Asshole". They left his last name, Brown, as-is. Go figure. This was discovered when the ...

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I’m starting to think Pingdom is stupid


I'm quickly getting to the point where I think the Pingdom Website Speed Test is a waste of time. The results just don't make sense. As the above image shows, my site is currently receiving a performance rating of 84/100. If my website was in Air Force electronic warfare tech school in the 1980's, ...

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Tom Brady is Sammy Sosa


From Jay Glazer at Fox Sports: The person of interest was already interviewed by the league. The NFL is trying to determine whether any wrongdoing by this individual occurred, sources tell FOX Sports. There is surveillance video showing the attendant taking the footballs from the official's ...

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New England Patriots are cheaters who cheat


There's a big controversy going on now in the world of the NFL. It turns out that when the New England Patriots defeated the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game, they did so with illegal footballs. NFL rules state that footballs must be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds of air per ...

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Why does Pingdom hate Genericons?

wooden background-825-510

Looking further into the low-performance results Pingdom gives any website running the default WordPress theme of Twenty Fifteen, I've learned that it's not just Twenty Fifteen that gets penalized by Pingdom, any theme using Genericons, a free icon font for blogs, also gets a low score from Pingdom. ...

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