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The May 2015 Loot Crate is terrible


I received my May 2015 Loot Crate box yesterday and I can't believe how terribly underwhelming it was. Of all the Loot Crate boxes I've received, this one has got to be the most disappointing. This is what the box contained: An exclusive variant cover comic book of Bravest Warriors #1 from Boom! Studios. It looks very cartoony and not something I would be interested in. I've never heard of this comic, but Wikipedia says Bravest Warriors #1 was originally published in October 2012. A … [Read more...]

Automattic acquires WooCommerce


There was big news in the world of WordPress and e-commerce yesterday. Automattic, the makers of WordPress, has purchased WooThemes, maker of the very popular shopping cart plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce. Matt Mullenweg, the person who developed WordPress and is the founder and CEO of Automattic, announced the news on his blog. Mark Forrester, one of the co-founders of WooThemes, the premium WordPress theme maker that developed WooCommerce, announced the news on the official WooThemes … [Read more...]

Notre Dame, Kansas still paying Charlie Weis


Remember Charlie Weis? Big dopy fat guy who used to coach football at Notre Dame and then Kansas? Even though he was fired by both educational institutions, he's still getting a paycheck from both schools. ESPN, the self-proclaimed worldwide leader in sports, is reporting that Weis has raked in nearly $15 million from Notre Dame since being fired by them. Weis was fired by Notre Dame after the 2009 season. During his time there, the Fighting Irish racked up a 35–27 record. After spending a … [Read more...]

Jets fans buy billboards to mock Tom Brady


New York Jets fans bought 12 billboards up and down the New Jersey turnpike to poke fun at Tom Brady, disgraced cheater and quarterback for the New England Patriots. Jets fans don't care for the Patriots. Mostly it's because they play in the same division, but it's also because the last time the Patriots were caught cheating, it was against the Jets. Now they need to do that same thing with billboards up and down the Massachusetts Turnpike. The problem with that is most Pats fans cannot … [Read more...]

NFL suspends Tom Brady four games, fines Patriots


The NFL suspended New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for the first four games of the 2015 regular season for his involvement in Deflategate. They also docked the Patriots a first-round pick in the 2016 draft as well as a forth-round pick in the 2017 draft. They also fined the team one million dollars. The two equipment staffers who did the actual deflating of the footballs, at Brady's behest, were both suspended indefinitely without pay. Of all the punishments doled out, theirs were … [Read more...]