How is Adam LaRoche any differant than Michael Vick?

Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche appeared in a controversial photo that was posted on Facebook. It shows LaRoche in the snow with a dead mountain lion draped over his shoulders. Evidently LaRoche killed the animal with a bow and arrow.

Mountain lions are beautiful creatures, but I think they look much better alive.

It’s unclear where LaRoche killed the cat, or more importantly, why he killed it. I’m assuming that since it was posted to Facebook by Buck Commander, the same people featured in the A&E reality TV show, Duck Dynasty, that it was killed for the fun of it. Not that I understand how anyone can feel enjoyment killing an animal.

When I look at the picture of LaRoche with the dead cat resting on his shoulders, I wonder how he is any different from Michael Vick. Then again, at least Vick knew better than to pose for photos with the animals he killed running a dog fighting enterprise. Vick killed dogs. LaRoche killed at least one cat.

I don’t really see the difference between the two.

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One thought on “How is Adam LaRoche any differant than Michael Vick?”

  1. He is not! He just a serial killer by definition and practice like hunters and dog fighters are they enjoy killing, they kill often, they have no empathy or remorse, they pose with their victims and /or gather memorabilia that belonged to the victims. ( wall mounted heads of killed creatures etc.) The law must drastically change as to who is allowed to carry a gun and a killing permit.

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