Aaron Hernandez arrested, charged with first-degree murder

AaronHernandezJailFormer New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested yesterday and charged with the first-degree murder of 27-year-old Odin Lloyd, an associate of Hernandez. Police believe Hernandez “orchestrated” the murder. If you’ve watched as much Law & Order as I have, you know that the first person arrested is never the true killer.

This is a good example of why I don’t have any associates, nor am I anyone’s associate. If you have associates, one day you may find yourself needing to orchestrate their murder. Worse, if you are someone else’s associate, you may find yourself in need of an orchestrated murder.

The Patriots reacted to the news by promptly releasing him. Do the Baltimore Ravens need a tight end? They’ve shown in the past that they don’t care about players killing people.

Judging from the photos taken of Hernandez when he was arrested, it’s pretty clear that he had no idea he was going to be placed under arrest. When the police knocked on his door, he answered without a shirt and wearing only a pair of gym shorts. He really should have been expecting this. He should have always been dressed for jail. It looks like the police put a t-shirt on him after they cuffed him. What a rookie move. My guess is that the next time Hernandez orchestrates the murder of an associate, he will be much better prepared for arrest.

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